Subscription “Friends of the Alliance Française”


The subscription for the 2018-2019 season to the Friends of the Alliance Françaises of Antwerp, giving you access to the 9 events of this season (5 lectures, 3 literature talks and 2 plays).


The subscription for the 2018-2019 season to the Friends of the Alliance Française of Antwerp, giving you access to the 9 events of this season (5 lectures, 3 literature talks and 2 plays).

The subscription gives you access to:

  • Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt – Literature talk
    French-Belgian playwright, novelist, director and philosopher, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt opens our new season with an talk with Antoine Boussin, well known to the public of Friends of the Alliance Française of Antwerp. The books of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt are numerous and meet an immense success ( “Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran” , “Ma vie avec Mozart” </ i>, to quote only two … The same goes for his plays (“ Oscar et la Dame rose </ i>” ..) His second play, “ Le Visiteur </ i>”, won 3 prizes at “La Nuit des Molière” in 1994.
  • “L’ être que j’appelle moi” – Theater
    Based on an original idea of Luc Devoldere, directed by Luc Vandermaelen, played by Carine Bamps, Mélina Van Hoof, Rémi Fransot, Thibaut Sforza and Luc Vandermaelen. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the disappearance of Marguerite Yourcenar, Luc Devoldere imagined a journey through her universe, a real theatrical show inextricably linked to his biography and texts gathered from her greatest works, giving them life, form and voice. multiple. Come to discover this wonderful homage to this great lady of the French letters of the XXth century in the exceptional and historic “Het Zuiderpershuis”!

  • Raphaël Pitti : “L’engagement” – Lecture
    Former General Medical Officer of the French Army and Head of the Resuscitation Department at a clinic in Nancy, Raphael Pitti has also practiced war medicine throughout his career, from Yugoslavia to Lebanon. Since 2012, he trains health care workers in Syria, where he went multiple times .He published in March 2018 a book entitled “Go where humanity carries you – A doctor in the war” which tells his commitment.

  • Axel Kahn – Literature and scientific talk
    A renowned scientist, geneticist and essayist, University Professor Axel Kahn is well known to the public for his scientific outreach activities. He does not hide his positions on ethical and philosophical issues related to medicine and biotechnology (cloning …, GMO …). His latest book, “Être humain, pleinement”, published in 2016, was very successful.

  • Emmanuel Pierrat: “La censure et la liberté d’expression” – Lecure
    Emmanuel Pierrat is a lawyer at the Paris Bar and specializes in publishing law. Former member of the National Council of Bars and the Council of the Order, he is now Curator of the Museum of the Paris Bar. Editor, novelist, author of many essays, translator… Emmanuel Pierrat is present in an impressive series of activities related to writing. And he is the president of the “French Pen Club” association of writers attached to freedom, peace and tolerance.

  • Jean-Louis Debré – Literature talk
    A French statesman, former Minister of the Interior and President of the National Assembly from 2002 to 2007, Jean-Louis Debré then chaired the Constitutional Council for 9 years (until 2016). He is also the author of many novels and essays whose plot weaves around life and political power. A free and independent spirit, Jean-Louis Debré is attached to republican values.

  • Louis-Philippe Dalembert: “Avant que les ombres s’effacent” – Lecture
    Louis-Philippe Dalembert, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a writer of French and Creole expression. With a literary and journalistic background, he left his native island in 1986 to pursue a PhD in Literature in Paris. Polyglot, he lives successively in Nancy, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Milwaukee … Novels, news, stories, documents, essays, poetry, direction of works … Louis-Philippe Dalembert excels in many literary genres. “Avant que les ombres s’effacent” was nominated for the Grand Prix of the novel of the French Academy, and the Prix Medici.

  • Frédérique Bedos: “ La petite fille à la balançoire” – Lecture
    French television and radio host Frédérique Bedos also produces documentaries. In 2010 she founded the NGO “Le Projet Imagine”; the aim of Imagine films is to encourage the public to invent another way of being in the world: it is the Imagine Movement. “La petite fille à la balançoire” is a testimonial book about her personal history and, especially, her childhood between her foster family and her birth mother.

  • “Ici/ Là-Bas” – Theater
    A play writing and perform by Christine Gandois, freely inspired by the novel “Ce que le jour doit à la nuit” by Yasmina Khadra.
    A whole life in two suitcases…
    The change of her mother’s apartment plunges Hermine into questioning about her own quest.
    Through the discovery of a correspondence that does not belong to her, she will relive an impossible love story with the backdrop of the Algerian war.
    It is a very poetic reflection around very current topics: exile, multiple identities, uprooting, relationships between honor and love …
    This piece was presented at Avignon-off in 2017.


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