Business course

Business French and French on specific objectives

The Alliance Française of Antwerp has developed training programs in business French (or French on specific objectives). We work within companies and train employees (whatever their function) to the French they need.

  • Communication: write an email, answer the phone, take meeting notes …
  • Commercial: manage a commercial negotiation, sell and buy …
  • Technical: understand a technical manual, write a technical manual, use technical terms …
  • Legal: understand the legal vocabulary, be able to write contracts, conventions, …

Our values

Quality approach

Quality classes led by qualified and experienced teachers. Whatever the level of language, from beginner to advanced level. Content refined according to the expectations and the professional needs. Programs based on the Council of Europe’s recommended levels (CEFR *) and recognized internationally.


Flexible and tailor-made offers: individual or small group courses; in presence on the place of your choice, or at distance. We become the accompanist of your company’s success. Choose the course content: specific French depending on professional situations (oral/written) or French of everyday life.

Personalized support

We analyze your audience and your professional context in order to offer you a tailor-made training offer. You benefit from personalized follow-up, regular reports and an end-of-term evaluation to measure the progress of your employees. You can also opt for the award of an official certification


The strength of a network. An experience more than a century old. A recognized brand.

Our French as a foreign language training will allow you or your employees to develop several skills and their/yours ability to adapt to various situations of communication in French related to the field of professional competence of your company.

  • Acquire technical language skills in one’s professional field (lexicon, types of speech)
  • Develop intercultural competences to be in adequacy with its interlocutors (references, context, stakes)
  • Write effectively your professional writings (e-mails, notes, minutes, agendas, formal letters)
  • Interact with his French colleagues and interlocutors (meetings, debates, interviews, telephone conversations)
  • Understand French-language media (print, radio, reports)
  • Speak fluently in formal situations (speeches, lectures, statements, presentations)
  • Practice informal French (cocktails, lunches, meetings, conversations)


The Alliance Française of Antwerp offers an important cultural program to enable you to practice French in all situations and thus acquire the skills you are looking for faster.

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French teacher, Secretary of the examination centre
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