The Friends of the Alliance Française

The Friends of the Alliance Française of Antwerp

Since 1945, the “Amitiés Française Antwserpen” have been working to promote French culture and language. It’s more than 300 speakers who have come to our floor for 73 years now.

In 2017, the “Amitiés Française Antwserpen” merged with the Alliance Française of Antwerp, synonymous with quality, openness to others and an ability to nurture a fraternal bond between France, the Francophonie and the world. This merger has bring together all the Francophones and all the Francophiles in the city of Antwerp. The Alliance Française of Antwerp thus perpetuates the ideal that has been pursued since its founding in Antwerp in 1945 by the “Amitiés Française Antwserpen” : the promotion of the French language and culture.

Each year, we offer a cultural program of high level lectures, literary talks and theater plays. We strive to offer a varied program with quality speakers. Laureates of literary prizes, member of the Académie Française, former ministers, diplomats, journalists, philosophers, essayists, novelists, scientists.