With Véronique Olmi, our large and enchanted audience

Véronique Olmi - Salle comble - Alliance Française Anvers - Antwerpen - Antwerp

Monday, November 27th, 2017, we received Véronique Olmi for a literary interview with Antoine Boussin around her latest novel, Bakhita . It was a poignant moment. A packed and conquered room.

Bakhita by Véronique Olmi

She was abducted at seven in her village in Darfur and experienced all the horrors and sufferings of slavery. Purchased as a teenager by the Italian consul, she discovers a country of inequality, poverty and exclusion.

Freed from a resounding trial in Venice, she enters the orders and crosses the turmoil of the two world wars and fascism by dedicating her life to poor children.

Bakhita is the heartbreaking novel of this exceptional woman who was alternately captive, domestic, religious and holy.

With a rare evocative power, Véronique Olmi restores the destiny, the incredible fights, the strength and the greatness of soul whose hidden source draws on the memory of her childhood before she was raided.

Véronique Olmi reads “Bakhita” (excerpt)