Full house for Jacques Toubon

Jacques Toubon - Salle - Conférence - Alliance Française Anvers Antwerpen - Antwerp

It had been a few years since we tried to have Jacques Toubon, the defender of rights, in our forum. Monday, December 18th, 2017 has been the day of his venue to Antwerp.

In front of a large audience, always more and more numerous – besides -, Jacques Toubon gave a convincing presentation, even moving sometimes, always realistic on the situation of the respect of the fundamental rights today in France, and in a certain measure, in Europe. If the news can not, of course, completely disappear from the debate, the issues relating to people in a situation of migration have been addressed; as well as those relating to the place of women in our societies. Various and diverse subjects, but all of which have in common the human dignity and the fight of Jacques Toubon in the defense of the fundamental rights of each and every one of us.

In order not to derogate from the tradition, Mélanie Pécher and Alexandre Bastinier, our house artists, perform at the beginning of the conference “La chanson pour l’Auvergant” by Georges Brassens, at the request of Jacques Toubon. We propose you to listen to an extract.